What's NICSS


Non-Profit Organization (NPO)
Next Generation IC Card System Study Group (NICSS)
Chairman : Nagaaki Oyama

Although the communication expense was reduced by the widespread use of Internet, on the other hand it creates numerous social unrests. It would be convenient to take care of one°«s personal business at the speed of light without going somewhere.

However, individuals or companies will suffer tremendous losses unless they protect themselves from any possible threats by using a certain amount of money, and it cannot be regarded as other person°«s business. Even the administrative authorities, civil organizations and individuals have become unable to replace the flow of Internet era. The government in close cooperation with the civil organizations has committed to spreading the communication infrastructure such as Internet, etc., almost having achieved its objective. Private companies are attaching lots of added values to this communication infrastructure to compete effectively with each other, and they cannot beat the competitors without this. The administrative authorities are implementing various policies such as eJapanII and electronic government.

In this regard, the next generation IC card system study group taking notice of IC card was established in Dec 1997 as a voluntary group with the objective of studying the ways of how to protect the citizens°« rights and has become at it is. This group has been engaged in activities with a focus on promoting the use of IC cards protecting the citizens°« rights from behind for the basic resident registration, which are distributed by the local autonomous organization to its residents from 2004. However, these IC cards cannot reach the stage in which they are fully distributed to the whole citizens and can be utilized in various aspects in order to protect the rights of individuals. This shows that we cannot promise to resolve many problems mentioned before through ownership of 1 card for 1 person. We assume that further study will be necessary.

The current IC card technology almost advanced into PC area. In a broad sense, this can be cited as the evolution of digital technology. However, the IC card pursued by the next generation IC cards study group is different from what we call the °»PCs°…. It would rather be based on the electronic ID card on the Internet, which cannot be forged, altered and falsified.

Namely, it is being thought that a unique IC card should be the individual property in order to protect the rights of individuals and that it is important for this IC card to identify individuals and encrypt information on the Internet on behalf of individuals.

The use of IC cards on the Internet as a tool to identify individuals and protect their rights will become widespread gradually in the future. Meanwhile attaching IC chips to various things and devices has started to become widespread recently. Mainly, this is to identify things and devices and investigate its attributes in order to achieve logistical efficiency as well as security for things and devices. Namely, ID tags are rapidly progressing in this direction. Starting from 2002, the next generation IC card study group started to do research on IC chips attached to the things and devices. In this case, IC chip as an activated elements, which is different from the normal tags, is mounted inside the device and can identify things and devices between the devices and persons being connected to the Internet or encrypt the electronic information being given and taken. The next generation IC cards study group calls this a secure IC chip.

These activities may tend to monitor the disclosure of personal information or its people, but if Internet gets settled in as infrastructure, it is being thought that the protection of personal information should be justifiable and we must have the perception that Internet must be recognized as a unique tool that protects the rights of individuals with IC chips.

In this situation, NICSS has become a non-profit organization in July 2004. On this occasion, we will gather more collaborators to conduct IC card study extensively and send more information on this.

We hope that this homepage will become a source of valuable information beneficial to lots of individuals, companies and groups. Looking forward to a deeper understanding and close support of the parties concerned.