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  AICF¡¡Committee Meeting was held at April 20 and 22 in Beijing
   2005-04-28 16:25:58
The Asia IC card forum (AICF) was held in Beijing on April 20, 2005.
The greeting of Chairman Ohyama and Mr.Wang of the China national IC Card Registration center (ICCR) were first performed at the beginning of a meeting.
Then, the Legal Committee, the Industrial Committee, the Standard Committee, and the Steering Committee were held.
Since NICSS is the coordinator of the Legal Committee, NICSS performed the activity report from the inauguration general meeting last year to this time.
Moreover, the report of the legal systems about electronic payment was performed from NICSS, KEPIA, and IDA after that.
When performing international multi-payment especially, it argued about how the problem of the exchange fluctuation between currency is cleared.
Then, KEPIA which is the coordinator of the Industrial Committee argued about the technical problem about the report on the current situation about SR card project, and electronic payment.
Furthermore, in the Standard Committee, IDA which is a coordinator mainly performed present condition introduction about standardization of the electronic payment,N-ID and electric passport which Singapore is advancing.
Then, the Steering Committee was held.
New AICF members,  annual fee, AICF annual general meeting in July, and an AMEICC IT working group seminar co holding with an AICF annual general meeting was discussed by the Steering Committee.
AMEICC is the initial of AEM-METI Economic and Industrial Co-operation Committee.
Moreover, we argued about collaboration between  AICF and GlobalPlatform (GP).
Based on the result of the above argument, the joint meeting with AICF and GP was held in the same place.
Although the contents of concrete collaboration were future subjects, in order to perform close information exchange for the time being, it has agreed to promote member participation to each meeting.

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